Mixed Media Winter Peaks

Expand on the inherent versatility of acrylics by adding other mediums, specialty papers, 3D embellishments, etc. to create your masterpiece. Your imagination is your only limitation.

I had a lot of fun creating ‘Winter Peaks’ from an inspiration photo by Joshua Fuller on Unsplash! We’ll use modeling paste and glazes to create a highly textured value study 😄

Acrylic Morning Meditation

Explore the unique joys of working with acrylics – one of the most versatile and forgiving mediums of them all.

Today ​we will paint the new acrylic Morning Meditiation inspired by a lovely photo by Hannah Reinhardt!  We’ll start with a value study then layer with colorful glazes to emphasize the gorgeous soft peaches and violets found in this serene painting. As always I will show you how 😉