“Life is a Great Big Canvas, throw all the Paint you can on it!” ~~Danny Kaye~~

I grew up in a military family, but there was no doubt that both of my parents had the soul of an artist. My dad would carve intricate wooden sculptures in the many months that he was at sea – at least before he was Commanding the ship! My mom always had her very talented hands in a new art project. She also encouraged all of her children to express themselves with whatever art materials she had at hand. I will be forever grateful that she did. I suppose it was inevitable that many years later after Dad retired we would be known as a “family of artists”. First however, we would go our separate ways and I would begin to hone my skills and nurture my thirst for knowledge of the arts at UT Austin in the Fine Arts Department.

Quite a bit of time has passed since then, working with galleries selling my paintings, sculptures and pottery, conducting clay, painting and drawing workshops, creating and implementing a fine arts curriculum for a student population of over 500 young children, and various other art endeavours. Over the years, I have never lost the delight and excitement of discovery when creating a new piece in whatever media. I have also learned that my inner artist is the most fulfilled when I am sharing that knowledge by working with others to find their own inner artist. So, I am fortunate indeed, to be a certified Grumbacher Instructor conducting acrylic, mixed media, drawing, pastel painting, sumi brush, and open studio classes across the DFW Metroplex!

I hope you will join me and my awesome students to unleash your inner artist while learning the delights of the many avenues to creativity!